We are media artists

focused on

Generative Art.

We do

VJ, installations and exhibitions.

Makio&Floz is a duo working on digital based projects.
Without limiting themselves to a virtual space or a physical one, their goal is to explore design and generative art using code as a pencil.

Both gratuated from Gobelins, l'école de l'image in Paris, where they developped their technical and creative skills, they decided early to get some worldwide experience by joining top agencies in London (Unit9) and New York (Firstborn).

Around 2015, with a lot of side projects and grateful to have been able to work for famous brands and renowned artists, they decided to focus on media art; domain they love.

In 2016, in Tokyo at that time, they started Tsuki8, a street projection mapping all around Japan. The experience was amazing and Makio&Floz, duo of media artists officially took form.
Any questions? Any projects? Wanna say hi? Don't hesitate to contact us!


mail: makioandfloz@gmail.com
twitter: @makioandfloz


David Ronai

tel: +33 9 70 44 47 94
mail: davronai@gmail.com
twitter: @makio64


Florian Zumbrunn

tel: +33 6 47 01 24 57
mail: florian.zumbrunn@gmail.com
twitter: @florianzumbrunn