Workshop : Art, Code, Music

Media artists and WebGL experts, we crafted a 3days workshop in a nice atmosphere in the center of Paris
Our goal is to help you expend your WebGL and ThreeJS knowledge, to give you an introduction to Generative Art through sound.
Used to teach at Gobelins, l'école de l'image, we know how to help you to push yourself forward and to allow you to accomplish your goals.

This workshop will occur the 8-9-10 of January, 2018.

This is the second time we do this workshop!
The first one received very positive feedbacks. It was an awesome time.

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The goals of this workshop are :
- Expand your ThreeJS knowledge
- Create generative visuals by using sound as data
- Develop a creative vision from an idea or a technical goal
- Learn to create by iteration by crafting prototype and through a parametric way of coding
- Learn how to use shaders, or push your knowledge of this subject
This workshop is targeting every levels, as long as you fit those requirements :
- You know how to code in JavaScript (that's not the goal of this workshop)
- You have some basic knowledge of ThreeJS (you know what is a Mesh, you already created a Scene, etc.)
- You have a laptop that you can bring
12 tickets are available, giving you 3 days of workshops at the following prices:
- 450euros (normal price)
- 350euros (early bird, 3 maximum)
- 125euros (special student, 2 maximum)

Or book it from here directly:

Generative Art






Sounds of visuals


Art paramétrique


Process itératif

The workshop will take place at the center of Paris, in a privatised room, calm and cosy with good WIFI connection.
The space is ideally located between the subways stations Grands Boulevards and Bonne Nouvelle (line 8 & 9)

Coffees will be offered (included with the tickets!) and a large choice of formulas (food, sides & juices) are available.

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