Through Art & Technology we create impactful experiences conveying emotions and new feelings to people.

Symbiose Media art exhibition

Interative installations mixing new media and traditional art.

devx 3048

“Symbiose” is an installation featuring 2 digital paintings in constant evolution.
They are acting as organisms, living autonomously through their own will; but offers direct interactions with the people visiting the gallery.

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A collection of abstract print created from motion

Psykato is a series of abstract print based on photos from divers places we explored. Using the code to move their pixels allowed us to create new univers while keeping the original ADN.

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Tsuki8 Street projection mapping

A Street projection mapping around Japan while we did a roadtrip

Tsuki8 - This project is the one which mark the start of Makio&Floz adventure. We traveled around Japan, discovering the country, meeting people and getting inspired by it to do projection mapping, which means using projectors to project animations an visuals on nature & building we loved.

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Walkers Codevember

An exploration of fashion, silouhette and code made for the codevember event

Walkers is a serie of Webgl experiments recreating fashion feelings using minimal and abstract shape inspired from the most notorious creative coding algorithm.

Codevember is a challenge inviting artists to code and experiment every day during the month of november.

Discover the interactive version

Veja x Upian Carte blanche at la Gaite Lyrique

A 360 projection show for the launch of the new veja site made by Upian

We had a carte blanche for the launch of the new collection of Veja shoes. To answer to this challenge we decided to retrace the story around the creation of the veja shoes in a sound reacting 360 projection show at la Gaite Lyrique.

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VJing for a Tiktok boat party reuniting the top influencer of the platform in Paris.

3048 DevX - Digital Design Day - OFF Festival

A WebGL demo reel for the OFF Festital

3048 - We were invited to features webgl during the Digital Design Day OFF Milan Festival The theme was the Monolith and we build a smooth experience around two world communicating. The idea was to bring a new kind of looknfeel, more close from 3d painting than what we see usualy online.

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Futur en seine La Villette in paris

VJ for the launch of the yearly event

We were invited to perform a 2h VJ
aside of Fils de Venus as DJ.
All our visuals were sound reactive and made in WebGL.

DevX Titan

A poetic titan made in WebGLto illustrate DDD Milan on the Pixel theme

Pink Exhibition

A serie of Artwork made with Chinese ink and robot; bringing traditional tools to a mechanical pipeline. Us, as artist, collaborate with the machine to create art in a new way; putting some generative notions at the center.

Absorb Poetic Mapping

Webgl Projection Mapping

Makio&Floz were invited by ViletteMakerz to create a projection mapping installation over the week-end during "Futur en Seine", an event about the future of technology and their usages, in Paris.

For this projection, we used 3 differents projectors, a kinect sensors, and some WebGL visuals, coded via ThreeJS.

DevX Pixel

Audio-react visual made for projection during the DDD festival in Milan

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams The official homepage.

Visit the website

NorthPole ChristmasXP

A collection of abstract print created from motion

For ChristmasExperiment, we created a unique world that convey a oil painting feeling.

We spent a huge amount of time creating the texture to bring traditional feeling inside a digital world. Same for the poetic and illustration feeling that comes out of this project.

Made in collaboration with Fils de Graphiste

VJing Photo

A set of reactive visuals and composition based on pictures from Tim Wu

Webgl R&D Bijoux precieux

Creative direction & Creative development

We work on some navigation and animation concept for a jewel website called "Bijoux Precieux".

Jojo the robot

A new kind of artist

Jojo, disciple of the greatest masters of his time, underwent a rigorous and intense training. He attaches an extreme importance to the quality of his line, but also to the quality of his material. As a result, the paper used has been specially selected for its grain and its particularity to put forward the work by offering a contrast between shadow and optimal light. Calibrated felts were also chosen for their finesse and the durability of the works.

Via his algorithm, he recreates the pictures that people are submitting, and send them back, signed.

VJing Pattern

Sound reactive visuals created to play during show events

VJing Pattern - This generative art is inspired from traditionnal kimono pattern and color we saw in Kanazawa. The current version is the result of many iteration and the original one born during Tsuki8 in Shirakawa-go, Japan.

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EDF Data Visualization

Data visualization about the energies flow generated by EDF during the year

EDF - Commision by Bright, we did a data visualisation for the entrance to the EDF Forum at Paris. The data visualisation show the different way of collecting energy from EDF. The final result is visually appeling but also make the energy flow easy to understand over the year.

Xmas Deer

A webgl exploration around painting brush and 3d Meshline using Threejs

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