Exploring the relationship between new media and traditional art.

One of the subject that is at the core of many projects at Makio&Floz is how to bring back some "traditional" feelings through Digital Art.
We feel that an artwork becomes stronger when the 2 worlds are merging and collaborating together.

With "Symbiose", we tackled this subject by having a strong creative direction around brush strokes, japanese ink or Van Gogh style iterations.

Another very important point in our creative direction was to make the interactions subtles or very efficient.
We wanted to avoid a "gaming effect", and we aimed to have an emerging, magical and poetic global experience.

A living exhibition that put the visitors at his core.

A girl is discovering a projection mapping living digital painting

“Symbiose” is an installation featuring 2 digital paintings in constant evolution.

They are acting as organisms, living autonomously through their own will; but offers direct interactions with the people visition the gallery.

Posing in front of a projection mapping art wall


Digital painting using leapmotion

Let your creativity flow

This installation empower the visitor by letting him becoming living digital painters.
By moving his fingers, he can draw with japanese ink, giving life to the lines and let is creativity flowerish.

Expressing her creativity via this installation
A hiphop dancer is discovering a new type of art in Tokyo
Digital painting via projection mapping


A couple is looking at the moving brushes
The interactive painting has some shape similar to some Van Gogh paintings

Make one with the art

When the visitors are discovering this installation, they start by looking at it from far away. There is a lot of variations -in colors but also about the movements of the brushes- which captivate the attention of the person who look at this living artwork.

If the people are moving closer, the painting is starting to change, and the visitor is merging inside of the digital artwork giving it a meditative feeling.

Expressing her creativity via this installation
A dancer from Tokyo is dancing in front of the projection mapping installation
Visual of moving brushes generated via Unity
A visitor is looking at his digital reflection in front of the painting
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